CSR Report

From 2019, TOYOBO is issuing an "Integrated Report" instead of the "CSR Report" and "Annual Report" we issued previously. View the Integrated Report here.

2011 (April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011)

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

The Toyobo Group aims to increase its corporate value through sustainable growth. The Toyobo Group also works to increase management transparency through communication with shareholders and investors, while providing timely and appropriate disclosure of information with due regard for fairness.

Annual General Meetings of Shareholders

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is held each year in late June at Toyobo’s Head Office in Osaka. A total of 493 shareholders attended the general meeting at the end of June 2010. The meeting covered the reports and accounts, including the Business Report and Financial Statements as well as proposals brought before the annual meeting for decision by shareholders.

IR Information

The Toyobo Group is also working to expand its IR information dissemination activities via its Internet website, which offers the advantage of immediate communication. Information made available according to timely disclosure practices ( nancial Reports, etc.) is posted on the website at the same time it is made publicly accessible. In addition, the website contains an archive of press releases and Securities Reports issued previously. In scal 2011 also, the Toyobo Group has worked to expand its document disclosure, give due consideration to ease of understanding, and updated information as appropriate.

Common Stock (As of March 31, 2011)

Number of shares
authorized for issue
issued to date
(Including 1,872,894)
Number of

Composition of Shareholders by Type


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