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PET based Synthetic Paper Crisper
Product data COSMOSHINE  composition
●Voids inside provides
 ?White color, Non-transparency
 ?Cushioning property
 ?Embossing suitability
 ?Die cutting suitability
 ?Vending suitability
 ?Electricity insulation property
 ?Heat insulation property
 ?Light in weight ( Specific Gravity = 1.10)
 ?High reflection performance
 ?Environmental Friendly (Low burning calorie, no hazardous gas by burning,
  contains Recycled resin PET bottle )

  COSMOSHINE  composition

●Biaxially oriented polyester film provides

 ?Good spring effect even though it has voids inside
 ?Good dimension stability
 ?Heat resistance, Water resistance, and Chemical resistance
 ?Flat and smooth surface
 ?High Strength
 ?Uniformity in thickness

  COSMOSHINE  composition
  ●Toyobo’s surface treatment technology provides
 ?Anti-static electricity
 ?Very fine roughness on surface ( can control gloss )
 → Better printing performance generated with cushioning property
 ?Good adhesion with various types of inks
 ?Good adhesion with additional coating layer
 ?Good chemistry with adhesive
 ?Ability to be written by Pen/Pencil

Type Applications  
Type Inside Treatment Outside treatment Application Thickness Physical properties
K2411 Matte AS/AE coating None Label 50.75
K2424 Matte AS/AE coating Matte AS/AE coating Label 50
K2011 Gloss AS/AE coating None Label 50
K2312 Matte AS/AE coating Corona Label, Card, Tag 75.100.125
K2323 Matte AS/AE coating Matte AS/AE coating Label, Card, Tag 75, 100, 125, 188, 250
K1212 Corona Corona Label ( for processing ) 50, 75, 100, 125, 188, 250
K1211 Corona None Label ( for processing ) 50.75

AS: Anti-Static Electricity
AE: Adhesive Enhancing

Product data  
Product data