Corporate Philosophy

Toyobo Group's Corporate Philosophy

“Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu ― Realizing Prosperity by Acting Rationally”

“Jun-Ri” means acting rationally, thereby doing the right thing, never the wrong.
“Soku-Yu” means realizing prosperity for society by adhering to “Jun-Ri”, while also growing ourselves.

Our founder Eiichi Shibusawa had lived by the word “Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu”, quoted from a Chinese Confucianist Cheng Yi. We inherit the founder’s motto as our corporate philosophy, which advocates the importance of uniting morality and economy.

The Toyobo Group's Charter of Corporate Behavior

We here at the Toyobo Group contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the provision of products and services that will create an affluent future.
Also, in order to continue being a corporation that people trust, we will act with high ethical standards and social common sense based on the following ten principles.

1. Contribution to a sustainable society
We will contribute to sustainable economic growth and the resolution of social issues by developing and providing products and services that will create a safe and affluent future.
2. Fair business practices
We will maintain a sound relationship with society, including our customers and business partners, by engaging in fair competition and transactions, and responsible procurement.
3. Communication with stakeholders
We will carry out fair and appropriate information disclosure and enhance corporate value through communication with our stakeholders.
4. Respect for human rights
We will conduct business activities that respect the human rights of all persons.
5. Earn customers' trust and satisfaction
We will strive to ensure the quality and safety of our products and services and earn the trust and satisfaction of customers and consumers.
6. Active employee participation
We will respect employee diversity and support work practices that allow employees to demonstrate their individual skills. Also, we will provide workplaces that are conducive to productive work while taking health and safety into consideration.
7. Engagement in environmental issues
We will strive to improve energy conservation and reduce/recycle the resources used by our business, and move forward with the development of products and technologies that contribute to reducing the burden on the environment.
8. Social contribution
We will actively participate in society and contribute to its development.
9. Thorough crisis management
We will conduct thorough crisis management in the face of actions by antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters and other crises that pose a threat to corporate activity.
10. Responsibilities of the management
The management, operating under the spirit of this Charter, shall strive to resolve issues while working together with the entire Group. The management should also encourage behavior based on the principles of this Charter within the Group's supply chain. In the event that the Group violates the spirit of this Charter and loses the trust of society, the management shall proactively take responsibility to respond to the situation, including resolving the problem, investigating the causes, and preventing the problem from recurring.

Toyobo Group's Management Vision

The category leader, continuing to create new value that contributes to society in the environment, healthcare, and high-function product fields

Corporate Vision

A "category leader" is a business that overwhelmingly dominates in a specific market or field as a result of a company's unique technologies and expertise.

Corporate Slogan

Corporate Slogan: "Ideas & Chemistry"

Corporate Slogan - Ideas & Chemistry

With the advent of our 130th anniversary, we are proud to present our new corporate slogan: Ideas & Chemistry. The technology that we cultivate at Toyobo contributes to the comfort of our daily lives and as such we intend to further focus our technologies on the environment and life sciences fields. Our new slogan resonates with the determination we have to grow to be a category leader, accumulating a variety of technologies that will be useful across a broad range of fields.


Based on our corporate philosophy, expressed in Japanese as Jun-Ri-Soku-Yu (Adhering to Reason Leads to Prosperity), we are advancing toward a new stage by combining Ideas that lead to high performance with Chemistry to create new materials.